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Rodeo Top Hands

The Top Hands are a dedicated group of volunteers that work hard to make the Horse Heaven Round-Up Rodeo the best rodeo it can be. The efforts of this group of individuals makes each night more enjoyable for everyone. To learn how you can get involved, contact the Benton Franklin Fair office.
2022 Top Hands

Front row - Peyton Morrell, Jean Lewis, Patty Kay Ellis, Tammy Backus, Jan Taylor, Ashley Dortland, Ashley Hebert, Jake Hebert
Middle row - Ken Muller, Brayden Finley, Kristy Finley, Charles Lookabill, Amanda Travis, Bill Waters, Marsha Hansen, Richard Lathim, Jackie Nix, Randy Havenor, Kim Raabe, Keith Szendre
Top Row - Cadi Rowton, Brianna Carrigan, Shannon Cochran, Ashley Farias

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